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Eva Germani

Eva Germani Designer d'interni

Eva Germani

Eva Germani

Designer d'interni

Riccione (RN) 3931178567

Profilo di Eva Germani

She was born in Riccione on 1973. Graduated at school of art in Pesaro. Since she was very young she is always been in touch with the restauration world, first as an apprentice to great responsabilities and my skills have grown over the years with the great master of the past. In her career as a restorer she remembers some of the most important works executed: Cathedral of Perugia; Basilica of Loreto -the dome painted-,fountain; vestments marble interior of the temple Malatestiano of Rimini and the shelves and painted stage sets for S. Agata Feltria theater. The entire collection consists of paintings, wooden statues and bas-reliefs from 'Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Cathedral Museum of Perugia. From several years she is also an interior designer, decorator of panels, canvas paintings, fabrics, colors studies of interior, designing environments in harmony with the elements of paintings. SHE HAS ALWAYS THOUGHT: WE CAN IMAGE EVERYTHING, DO EVERYTHING, PAINT EVERYTHING.


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