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Fabrizio Donghi

Fabrizio Donghi

Fabrizio Donghi

Fabrizio Donghi

Mapello (BG)

Profilo di Fabrizio Donghi

Master artist and decorator, lives and works in the province of Bergamo.
His artistic and working career have led him to explore techniques of the past that he uses and reinterprets with a new, contemporary look.
His paintings suspend the reality surrounding him in a timeless moment. Whether they are natural elements such as animals, fruit or trees, or inanimate objects or spaces, such as civil or industrial buildings, the objects of his research are immersed in a silent and pensive atmosphere that is at times peaceful and at others melancholic.
The materials and blends of colours that he uses in his paintings have depth and are enriched by graphic details that lend a complexity to compositions that are often modulated on simple volumes.


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