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Due to his socially oriented works, Ferdinand Kramer is without a doubt regarded as one of the most significant architects and designers from the early period of modernism and post-war modernism. His designs represent many values, which have only been rediscovered in architecture and design in recent years: social relevance, enduring design, durability, adaptability, intelligent use of materials, functionality, practicality and elegance. Alongside the association with Kramer’s most important domain, Frankfurt am Main, what e15 mainly has in common with Ferdinand Kramer is a joint creative stance. Kramer’s designs are still capable of fascinating their onlookers today as a result of radical modernity and absolute simplicity, which never seem clumsy or banal but instead are characterised by a special balance of dimensions and proportions, carefully select ed materials, quality and practicality. With the Ferdinand Kramer® collection, e15 makes some of his ground-breaking original furniture designs available once more for the first time, decades after their initial production.


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