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Fiorenzo Valbonesi


Viale Matteotti - 47522 CESENA (FC) 0547 602023

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Fiorenzo Valbonesi was born in Santa Sofia (FC) in 1952. He graduated with honors in architecture from the University of Florence in 1977, and from 1974 to 1979 was mainly engaged in research related to urban planning. As of 1980 he devoted himself to the restoration and preservation of historic buildings, and architectural design. He has worked in industrial design within the lighting field since 1985, and has developed research projects for national and international companies, including ONO Luce, Sirrah-iGuzzini and Andromeda. As an educator, he collaborates with Prof. Antonio Andreucci of the Dipartimento di Processi e Metodi della Produzione Edilizia at the University of Florence’s Faculty of Architecture, carrying out research and studies on the relationship between architectural design and technology.


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