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Francesca  Mondini

Francesca Mondini Falegname/Ebanista

Francesca  Mondini

Francesca Mondini


Legnano (MI)

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The FRAMONDI collection derives from the passion for wood and the talent that Francesca Mondini, restorer and cabinet maker, collected over the years. The originality of the wooden inlays, their elegance, their hypnotic shapes and their lively rhythms are of great visual impact. Each work is unique. All manufacturing phases are handmade, handcrafted. It is realised combining pieces of different types of woods that colour the surface naturally thus creating innovative pieces of furniture, various types of boxes and contemporary frames suitable to warm up every type of room. The different types of woods composing the drawings come from all over the world, from controlled and protected forests. Francesca Mondini also makes use of recycled wood and protects her works with natural non-toxic paints. This proves the environmental friendly approach that characterize Francesca Mondini's brand. We offer consulting services to renew and personalize any kind of furniture and accessory. We create limited edition pieces.

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