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Morena Architects

Morena Architects Architetto

Morena Architects

Morena Architects


Via della Pietà, 1 - 34074 Monfalcone (GO) - Italy (GO) 0481791433

Profilo di Morena Architects

“Our design philosophy is to apply international architecture standards and at the same time respect and improve traditional architecture." MAoffice Global+Local Architecture is the spirit our team deals with the international design works, adding italian creativity.”Francesco Morena opened his professional studio in Monfalcone, Italy, in 1983. After a steady increase in professional activity and international assignments, he changed the name to Morena Architects (MA). Activity focuses mainly on planning and development of large urban areas and the high level design of office, residential and commercial buildings. He has acquired many important projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. MA consitutes a team of architects that provides professional services and a high level of creativity, innovation and experience. The design philosophy is to create international architecture while respecting and valuing local traditions. A global / local architecture mix is the spirit with which the team embraces large, international commissions. All projects are characterized by an excellent technological profile and high standards of energy efficiency: MA lends great attention to issues of energy consumption, correct use of environmental resources and respect for nature. He was awarded the prize for the best office building in Italy, for his design of the Offices of the Bank of Cividale, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. He holds the Academic title “Cultore della materia”, as expert in Architectural Planning at the University of Venice, Italy, where he also lectures regularly. He has won numerous prizes and has published his work extensively in Italy and abroad.


Team di Morena Architects

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