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Francesco Rotondale

Francesco Rotondale Designer

Francesco Rotondale

Francesco Rotondale


Napoli (NA)

Profilo di Francesco Rotondale

I was born in Naples in 1974 , in 2002 I graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II and I immediately started practice the profession. Concurrently I earned the Master's Degree in " Eco-oriented integrated design " focusing on furniture and boats design. Today I am the owner along with Emilia Abate of STUDIO 74RAM, we are dealing mainly with interior design projects by seeking consistency between personal language, materials and customer requirements. Beside our enterprise we are also working in the product design field, for both Design Brands and our personal limited edition collection. Currently I am living and working in Naples. Design for me comes from the curiosity that give us cause for thought to better understand and that, anyway, never makes us feel content.

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