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Franco Guerzoni

Franco Guerzoni Artista/Artigiano

Franco Guerzoni

Franco Guerzoni


Modena (MO)

Profilo di Franco Guerzoni

Franco Guerzoni (Modena, 1948), artist, has focused since the early Seventies on producing works that recount a personal exploration of the world of archaeology, concentrating in particular on the stratifications of culture and the ideal of the "antique" as loss and absence. He adopts precise systems for representing images, also using photography, while continually referencing the work of his contemporaries (including Vaccari, Parmiggiani and Ghirri). In the Eighties he produced large paper wall hangings investigating the idea of an imaginary geography (“Carte di viaggio”, "Grotteschi” and “La parete dimenticata”), while in 1990 he presented his “Decorazioni e rovine” project in a personal exhibition at the Biennale in Venice. Since the Nineties, he has produced large cycles of works which continue his investigation of time and the poetics of ruins, with an interpretative approach that creates a kind of "archaeology with no restoration". Since 2006 he has transferred his painting to walls themselves, nourishing the idea of a form of "mural" painting that pursues the relationship with space, architecture and time, using pigment as a tool for revelation, discovery and the expression of memory, a strong presence that emerges almost lyrically from the white surface. Guerzoni has exhibited in many galleries of national importance and in many public institutions (including Galleria Rondanini in Rome, Rotonda della Besana in Milan, Galleria Civica in Modena, Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea in Trent, GAM in Turin and the Nervi Polo Museale, Genoa).

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