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Frédéric Sofia

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Frédéric Sofia

Frédéric Sofia


Montrouge (92) +33170681920

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Between graphics and fiction, structural realism and formal aesthetics, Frederic Sofia makes his way instinctively, from the world of objects to contemporary art. Self--taught, his formation followed atypical and transversal paths. He functions without methodology, without theory, with a practical intuition that needs no explanation. He intervenes on the object in a way that is both classical and viral. The transformations, the messages, are subtly conveyed. Sly references take form and propagate. Without frontiers, a hybrid soul, he recognizes the signs of affiliation, respects individual groups, desacralizing symbols even as he restores them. A reminder of the evolution of things, homage to what he loves, be it industrial or environmental. his design speaks the language of the collective imagination while celebrating the soul of the object.


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