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Gianmarco Codato

Gianmarco Codato Designer

Gianmarco Codato

Gianmarco Codato


Profilo di Gianmarco Codato

Italian freelance designer, GM, has a life in two cities, New York & Castelfranco Veneto. He strives to emerge in the competitive design industry through his creativity and the use of graphic designs, illustrations and products. GM’s portfolio began during his teen years when he brought to life the images from his mind with street art and designing stickers. As he matured he became inspired by his father, an acclaimed product designer, and developed a strong interest in product design. Despite earning his Bachelor of Industrial Design, GM finds himself assesing his designing skills and continuously seeks challenges and exploration. Although functionality is key, GM’s deep appreciation for beauty and craftsmanship is typical of the Italian heritage. He finds himself fascinated by the beauty of details, space and creativity of others. His style is minimalistic, yet bold, allowing pieces to stand alone. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this slightly geeky, sneaker addict. This designer and his markers can’t be trusted near a plain surface, not unless you looking to see his “bust” sketching!


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