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Giovanni Marani

Giovanni Marani Architetto

Giovanni Marani

Giovanni Marani


Via Liguria, 13b - 35030 Rubano, PD (PD)

Profilo di Giovanni Marani

Giovanni Marani lived in the United States where he had the opportunity to learn and work with designers during his several visits to Washington D.C., New York, Miami and San Francisco. Marani had already started his own design studio in the Venice area before graduating in Architecture from the University of Venice. With over 20 years of experience working with the international design community, Marani continues to develop his personalized artistic glass elements, working in collaboration with some of the most important Murano glass manufacturers and well known glass masters, like Signoretto, Bubacco and Cenedese. Marani’s projects are known for the excellent and creative use of the legendary Murano glass artistic techniques and his distinguished furniture. Giovanni Marani’s creations have been exhibited and sold in Milan, Cologne, Miami, New York, Montreal, Verona and Padova, where he now resides.


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