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Giulia Pulimeno

Giulia Pulimeno Designer

Giulia Pulimeno

Giulia Pulimeno


Bari (BA)

Profilo di Giulia Pulimeno

Born in 1989, she graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Bari, town where she lives and works. During her studies, she learnes the importance of history and its reflection on today's world. She discovers the passion for the detail, the awareness of balance and harmony of shapes, the difference between dwelling and living. Passionate about fashion, handicraft, design and architecture, she puts high expectations on the functional beauty of things, but the recurring disappointment has led her to find her personal dimension in creating and knowing how to do it since she was a child. She's creative, curious and sensitive, she likes to test herself, to find new realities and to explore new places; architecture as well as design make her feel completely fullfilled, being, as she considers herself, dynamic and changing, deriving from experimentation and research. As an accurate observer, she is mostly inspired by the surrounding world, the environment, the un contaminated landscape, the urbanized city, the human sensitivity. Her experiences and attachment to nature, sea and beauty made her close to boating and yachts design, which allow her to experience innovative design solutions, combining extreme functionalityand unrestrained luxury.


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