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Gry Fager

Gry Fager


Randersgade 47 - 2100 København +4525343971

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Gry Fager has a degree from both School of Glass and Ceramics on Bornholm and The Danish School of Design. "My approach to design is based on an interest for creating everyday objects. My main focus is on ceramic and the most important thing is that my designs have a function and a purpose. My design process is based on increasing the recognizable while creating a new frame of reference and way of use. I like the interplay between shape, function and material and through observation I get inspired by the things that surround me." Normann Copenhagen spotted Gry Fager’s design even before she completed her training at The Danish School of Design in 2008. With the introduction of the Mormor series it is the first time that Gry Fager has had her designs put into production.


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