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Johanne Cinier

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Johanne Cinier

Johanne Cinier


Sète (34)

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Born in Sète in 1977, dès l'âge de huit ans, elle est élève de l'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Sète, où Johanne Cinier, artist and painter trained in Fine Arts and daughter of Michel Cinier, rapidly joined the family business. Influenced by her homeland in the South of France, Johanne draws inspiration from its industrial, mineral, and natural surroundings onto her canvases. Small or large sizes, sculptured matter, or a mixture of new materials including bronze, ceramic, steel, etc. and combined with a range of 100% natural pigments in hues of brown, ocher, pink, and ivory; Johanne Cinier is able and willing to make any ‘custom’ creation

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