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00143 Roma (RM)

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Lorenzo Demontis, born in 1986 in Cagliari. The passion for architecture manifests itself towards the age of 20, moving to Rome to study architecture at Sapeinza at Ludovico Quaroni Faculty.   After completing the studies in 2012 he returned to Sardinia to work in the family business Degeco, that deals with custom-made furnishings specializing in a craftsmanship process construction. In 2013 he moved to Netherlands to deepen his knowledge of minimalist architecture and design from north Europe. In Amsterdam he collaborates with Akka Architects and Beta Office for Architecture and the City. Inbetween these collaborations he develops, together with a visual artist, “Nobody an anthropological research of aestethics ”, based on the interplay between Art and Architecture. In 2016 he returns to Italy and lives between Rome and Cagliari. Among these 2 cities, OIRAM light was born and developed thanks to the collaboration of the company Degeco. Also in 2016 he gets a european funding to develop his professional architecture path, which entails, by 2016/2017, a participation in the master's architecture and environment and an entry in an international architectural firm in Rome.


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