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Loris De Grandi

Loris De Grandi Designer

Loris De Grandi

Loris De Grandi


Conegliano (TV)

Profilo di Loris De Grandi

I was born in Conegliano, in 1989. After my Bachelor with the thesis entitled "Electric Guitar, shape and ergonomics" I am now attending the Master degree in Architecture in Udine. I am an inquiring type of person, always looking for incentives that will encourage me to cultivate my ideas and make them better. When I like something I become immediately passionate about it and try to understand its nature as much as I can. I think the technical and functional aspect in the design of an object is crucial, if not the most important thing in the development of a project. I founded the group Auriga Design along with one of my fellow student, a project that aims to provide solutions to the needs of contemporary living.


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