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Luca Mazza

Luca Mazza Designer

Luca Mazza

Luca Mazza


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Luca Mazza

Create, create, create, more than a motto it's my life style. From the piano and trumpet jazz music notes to my cooking experiments, theatre and painting. Nothing is ever equal to itself. I'm an improviser, sometimes unpredictable, I've got an extraordinary passion for discovery, for outdoor life and...the open sea. The Leonardesque codes as also the striking energy of Futurism always caught me since I was young. Italy is my inspiration, the world is my home, multiculturalism is my vision. I like to imagine a future where man has a warmer relationship with the surrounding objects, objects in balance with the future everyone dreams to live. --- Luca Mazza was born in Sezze in the province of Latina. After finishing his classical studies at secondary school he goes to the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome, where he obtains the title of Graphic Visualizer. He wins a bursary and frequents a master degree in Multimedia Design. Graphic designer, web designer and illustrator, he has subsequently worked as a freelance professional for various companies dealing with all aspects of communication and image. He has collaborated with SLAMP since 2006 and deals with "above and below the line" communication. His total passion for design leads him to designing the Slamp product "Crazy Diamond" in 2008.


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