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Luca Meda

Luca Meda Designer

Luca Meda

Luca Meda


Profilo di Luca Meda

With total commitment and passion, he has contributed to the design culture of Dada and the Molteni Group. This is almost a paradox for a designer who used a pencil to draw the world. An artist who loved getting his hands dirty with reality. 
Luca Meda was born by chance in Chiavari where his family was on holiday. He grew up and studied in Milan, at the Brera Art School. He loved the city and its cityscapes. He then moved to Germany where he studied at the Ulm School, one of the most prestigious design schools in the world. There he met Aldo Rossi, and together they opened a studio in Milan. From the late 70s he helped to write the story of Dada:Nuvola, Amarena, Banco, Tempera, Zelig, Vela… Icons of design.


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