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Makio Hasuike

Makio Hasuike Designer

Makio Hasuike

Makio Hasuike


20136 Milano (MI)

Profilo di Makio Hasuike

Makio Hasuike was born on 20th January 1938 in Tokyo. Graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 1962, Makio Hasuike began his professional career in Japan by working for one year with Seiko: he designed a set of clocks and timers for the Tokyo Olympic Games, held in in 1964. In 1963 he established himself in Italy, working in different fields of industrial design. In 1968 he set up his own studio in Milan, one of the first studios of Industrial Design in Italy.In 1982 he created MH Way, an experimental project aimed at conceiving and marketing some innovative products such as briefcases. This thorough design activity directly confronted him with all the aspects connected with production and distribution. The company, still active today, is a rare example of successful “design company”.In over 40 years of activity he cooperated with several Italian and international companies, in various fields, contributing to their success through design solutions that are innovative in terms of appearance and contents.


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