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Marco Fontana

Marco Fontana Designer d'interni

Marco Fontana

Marco Fontana

Designer d'interni

42014 Castellarano (RE)

Profilo di Marco Fontana

Marco Fontana was born in Sassuolo (MO) in 1968. Since his childhood he demonstrated great skills in drawings especially in the comics field. He attended the Design Institute of Modena and in his free time he collaborated with a famous Cartoon Film Production Company: the Bignardi Films which realized from 1983 to 1988 the RAI short films “Quark Economia” by Bruno Bozzetto, and “Il Signor Bonaventura” by Sergio Tofano. In the same period he actively collaborated with the newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino” creating comic stripes on Mondays Issues, both for Modena and at national level. Furthermore he worked with many other local and national reviews with the Wondernonna series ‑ presented also at the Lucca Comics Festival in 1991. During a long period of inactivity he realized advertising and he dedicated himself to design packaging. In 2008 Marco Fontana took up his activity as artist and set up an exposition in Ferrara made of erotic paintings signed “Pop-Hard” series with the enamel technique.

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