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Ciampoli Marseglia

Ciampoli Marseglia Designer

Ciampoli Marseglia

Ciampoli Marseglia


Firenze (FI)

Profilo di Ciampoli Marseglia

Marco was born in Bergamo, Italy. He moved with his family to Grosseto where he obtained the High School diploma at the Technical Institute for Surveyors. Then enrolled at Florence University and obtained the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design in 2010 and the Master of Science in Design in 2012, both with honors. Since 2007 he is a member of PSP ASSOCIATES, a cooperative society of architecture and design where over the years he has oversaw several works from exhibition to product design and graphics. Since 2003 he collaborates with Daniela Ciampoli in design area. Since 2010 he has the role of assistant at Florence University for Design II and Design for Sustainability courses. At the present he is a PhD student in Design at Florence University – Doctoral School of Architecture and Urban Planning – Design Curriculum -. He is also charter member and councilor of IMAKELab.

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