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Marco Marseglia

Marco Marseglia Designer

Marco Marseglia

Marco Marseglia


via Vecchia Fiorentina I Tronco, 63 - 51039 Quarrata (PT) (FI) 0559062392

Profilo di Marco Marseglia

Design let us know each other and every day we know each other a little bit more by designing. We share experiences, thoughts, life. After an almost ten year long collaboration, in 2012 we decided to found our own studio. We both believe, and it is not a cliché, that life quality can be improved by good design as well as the quality of products can be expressed through usability and the bond established between them and the users.
Our design idea starts from a careful analysis of territories: history, people, traditions, work, companies, trying to create concept designs, as a contemporary expression between interpretation and reality.
We love to share our ideas with craftsmen we work with, because it creates a knowledge exchange and it is a great contribution to the growth of the project.
We are not storytellers: we want our projects to be a mean of communication for users, allowing them to tell their own stories through use in daily life.
Because everyone has a story to tell.


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