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Marco Valente

Marco Valente

Marco Valente

Marco Valente

viale domenico zaccagna 38 - 54033 Carrara (MS)

Profilo di Marco Valente

We transform God gift into materialized Peoples dreams .... Blocks of our Quartzites , marbles , granites mountains in Italy , Bolivia and Brazi directly delivered to your home , transformed by arts which only the hands of humans been are able to carved and model your dreams from a piece of exclusive Rocks. The Most Exclusives stones from Sources directly to your project without intermediary . We offer our Exclusives quarries and factories in Brazil and Italy to transform Blocks in slabs and slabs in cut to sizes and take care of logistic till your address. Contact us if you need a custom made Marble dress for your projects... Marco Valente CoFounder Valente Marmi Brazil LTDA Valente Marmi Italia SRL

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