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Massimo Tassone

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Massimo Tassone

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I exist since April 1970 but my awareness to be living only occured some months before! It occurred contextually and in a symbiotic way with the need (nearly atavistic) for searching, discovering, understanding. During childhood I discovered I had a flair for drawing, during adolescence I felt repulsion for the classical teaching methods, as a young man I felt strongly attracted by Music. After High School and few years at University studying Architecture in Rome, I formally graduated at the European Institute of Design (Rome), but early I got rid of any conditioning and I studied by myself, carrying out an endless research activity. I am self-taught in everything! I use technology to speed up, optimize and present as best as I can my cognitive processes and it's by 3D Computer Graphics that I better express the concept of beautiful and the World's Aesthetic Project. In this regard, since 2011 I have created and I take care personally a very selective portal on the Design, a reference tool through a virtual museum: It's through this website that I partly share what I have learned, what I am and what I do.

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