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Matouš Holý

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Matouš HOLÝ (*1971) after graduating from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design he focused on his own work. The material he used for a long time was soil – seemingly a living matter. However, he did not stop developing: from surrealism where he grasped different topics with distinct vividness he arrived at his own expressive language with strong emphasis on symbolism. Perfect handling of the material is a distinctive feature of his works. Intricate and challenging workmanship means no obstacle for him, which puts him beyond the mainstream and enables him (as one of very few Czech artists) to focus exclusively on his own creation. He works with all kinds of modern as well as traditional materials. HIS WORK – This website presents objects and installations by Matouš HOLÝ. Unique sculptures document his artistic development and photographs testify to the extent of his invention, enthusiasm and craftsmanship. We are proud we can collaborate with this author. HB GeoDesign team Useful art – he used his sophisticated spatial perception and worked with light in many of his lighting device designs, especially for European hotel and restaurant networks. Other examples of his work include special dishes for extraordinary restaurants, designs of imposing fireplaces, interior tiling and details in luxurious yachts and ocean-going excursion boats. That is Matouš HOLÝ. Film scenery – he designs the most sophisticated sceneries for Czech and foreign productions making fantasy, thriller or sci-fi films. Historical big-budget films can do without his sceneries only exceptionally. Construction elements – he drafted and created unique details for lovers of exacting and expressive designs: Škoda’s Villa facing, decorated portico at an embassy in Prague, stylish wine restaurants and other high-class restaurants. These are some of the places where you can find Matouš Holý’s “signature”. Exhibitions – Matouš Holý works away from people, on his own, for himself and a circle of enthusiastic collectors. Despite this, his works found their way to the general public: MUNICH 2004, splendid exhibition that procured him with loyal fans from all over the world as well as with flow of new orders in the field of design. Český Brod 2008 – small presentation for art lovers from Bohemia and Moravia

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