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Matteo Brioni

Matteo Brioni Architetto

Matteo Brioni

Matteo Brioni


Via Ronchi, 77 - 46023 Gonzaga (MN)

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Matteo Brioni srl is an Italian company specializes in natural finishes for architecture and interior design that work with a unique material: raw earth. We produce flooring, plasters and clay finishes. Our products are made only for interiors and all of them are based on natural clays, that it means that we didn’t add any kind of pigments to our products, but their colors and their spirit come straight from the Nature. For Matteo Brioni build with the earth is the experience of four generations matured into his family’s brick factory, owned since 1920. The environmental consciousness and the awareness of what we produce are inextricably linked with the beauty of a unique material such as raw earth, with its surprising colors and textures. The aim is to provide high performances with low environmental impact, because we believe that respect for the material is respect for the earth. Our daily challenge is to go beyond the limits of material, through research and continuous development on earth use in architecture and design. The goal is to lend tridimensionality to surfaces and transfer the earth's sensory stimuli to the spaces designed by human.


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