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I was born in a rocky old town in Italy, I grew up in an advertising agency and studied at ISF-CI in Rome. I've searched my home on both shores of the Atlantic ocean, living in London, Brooklyn and Barcelona for a while. Today I'd like to live in a place with jungles and beaches. I'm specialized in industrial, corporate and architecture photography. Over the years I’ve collaborated with several Advertising Agencies, Companies and Publications, such as Wallpaper* Guides, Comune di Roma, IAAC Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Il Sole 24 Ore, Rome Film Festival, Phaidon, Skira, Bureau Betak, Jimmy Choo. My personal project have been exhibited at MAXXI Roma (Roma 2025 exhibition, Agri-Fab City project by IAAC, 2015), at Palazzo Fibbioni in L’Aquila (Personal exhibition, Distanza, 2015), Adriano Temple in Rome (Proiezioni at Piccolo Festival dell'Essenziale, 2014), Montecassino Abbey (visual installation, 2012), Domus Talenti in Rome (the History of Wine in Rome, 2010). On June 2015 I've published my first book: Souvenir.

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