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Matteo Facchinelli

Matteo Facchinelli Architetto

Matteo Facchinelli

Matteo Facchinelli


Brescia (BS)

Profilo di Matteo Facchinelli

MFA is an architectural office involved in architecture, urban and landscape design both in private and public sectors. The acquired experience through several years in France, Belgium and Italy enabled to gain a high-level practice, in which architectural research plays a leading role. MFA lays the foundations for an architecture whose project development becomes an opportunity for research and deep experimentation. In each architecture, urban planning and landscape design, the main purpose is to perceive and conceive the context, as a place looking for its own identity, in order to reveal its own nature and geography. The aim is to reach a smart and dynamic architecture, to be included in the “landscape living organism”, both urban and rural, in order to get the best representation of nature or city. This approach compels to investigate the context, and allows a plain integration in the landscape geography avoiding barren practices. Our inclination is to return architecture a more human impact, to enter at best in present and future reality. Beyond real and planning matters, it is essential to give back projects a poetic dimension: the hard craft is to give architecture a soul.

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