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Matteo Origoni

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Matteo Origoni

Matteo Origoni


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Matteo Origoni

Matteo Aldo Origoni, was born in 1978, graduated in 2003 in architecture at the Technology Institute of Milan. In 2007 he obtained the title of "European Official Master" in Theory and Practice of Architecture at the Faculty of Barcelona PFC. Between 2004 and 2011 he worked as an architect in several studies in Italy and abroad. In the same years he also worked with Origoni Steiner on the production of some exhibitions in Italy, USA, China and Japan, and carried out architectural works and furnishing products in collaboration with other young architects. In 2013 it was reported by the "Lombardy Regional Council Of Architectural Orders" among the best Italian architects "under 40" for the private home "Ribelles", made in Spain.


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