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Maurizio Favetta

Maurizio Favetta Architetto

Maurizio Favetta

Maurizio Favetta


Via Savona, 19 - Milano (MI)

Profilo di Maurizio Favetta

Versatile, camaleon, provocative. Maurizio Favetta went through the different periods of his career accompanying manically his works with scripts, stories, screenplays and storytelling. If he had not met the architecture he would have certainly arrived to the cinema, looking constantly to it as inspiration. The work of Maurizio Favetta can be identified through the use of theatricality and artifice and the ability to mix of very different visual and narrative influences. Maurizio Favetta is founder member of Kingsize architects (1994) and over time Crea International (2002) Made in the project (2009) Italian Design Force (2011), Be Beyond (2014). With Kingsize architects he has designed and produced a wide range of projects in all areas of design: system display & retail, hospitality', wellness & spa, public space, food & beverage, exhibits & events, product design. Over the past 15 years mainly abroad: Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, France, Iran, Croatia, Slovenija. Maurizio Favetta outlines a distinctive style in some projects in the luxury sector and actively participates in the debate on "Luxury and Modernity ' in collaboration with Be Beyond - business development companies in the luxury sector, he designed the interior of two private helicopters, for a world leader company. Honorary member of AIPI, Italian Association of Interior Designers. He has had numerous solo exhibitions at Design events: Abitare il Tempo, Made, Interior Think Thank, Home & Spa Design, Expo Riva Hotel. Consultant for advanced research projects on the light for Philips Lighting Eindhoven. Beyond the activity of Kingsize architects and the procurement services "The Perfect Project, Maurizio Favetta is committed to the diffusion of the project A & BDV - Art & Business Design Ventures, the research laboratory on experiential format in architecture.

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