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Mauro Lovi

Mauro Lovi Architetto

Mauro Lovi

Mauro Lovi


via S. Giustina, 16 - 55100 lucca (LU) 0583464368

Profilo di Mauro Lovi

He was born in Lucca and he’s still working there. He began his art in the 70s, with personal and collective art exhibitions. At the same time to the architecture studies, he has the very first experiences in the experimental reading of the physical urban space with some performance and installations. In 1985, he join with the Third International Architecture Exhibition Biennale di Venezia, with Adolfo Natalini. He realized for Megalopoli Milano: Uscita dell’Emiciclo and some other objects. Since 1986 he began his professional career as an architect, his interest is adressed in the space between art, architecture and design. He designs interior spaces, private residences, shops and installations integrating the different components of memory, architecture and art. He collaborates with italian companies in the design of objects and furniture. He made his debut with Giovannetti with Amata in 1992. He participates in events and exhibitions of art and design. In 2005 he designs La Casa nella Scatola introduction of Philippe Daverio, for Comieco, Milan. It is a book which won the 2005 National Award for Gianfranco Fedrigoni for the valuable editions, first place in the publishing communication. Anime dove passa meglio il vento, personal exhibition at DIART, Trapani. 2006 Naiadi and Tu aravi la terra io l’aria, bronze fountain, Andria. Oltremare, sculptural group Savelletri, Brindisi. 2009 Arte del quotidiano, edited by I. Tutino, A. Jannone, M. Lovi between art and design 1970 -2000; care, project preparation and image by Ragghianti Foundation, Lucca. 2010 Signifying Infinity, Painting From Xiang Art Space, Taichung City, Taiwan. 2011 Otto luogo dell’arte, gallery, image and art direction, Florence. Radura painting personal art exhibithion, Florence. 54th Venice Biennale edition, Italian Pavilion, 150th annyversary italian unification, Villa Bardini, Florence. Oh! Nirica, project by Mauro Lovi, Otto luogo dell’arte, Florence. 2012 Il sogno della Passione, cared by Maurizio Vanni, St. Charles oratory, Castelfiorentino. Tabula rasa, a project of Mauro Lovi and Olive Toscani Otto luogo dell’arte, Florence.


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