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Michele Malin

Michele Malin Designer

Michele Malin

Michele Malin


45014 Rovigo (RO)

Profilo di Michele Malin

Michele Malin born in Rovigo in 1981. He graduated in industrial design at Padua, Italy in 2003. In 2005 he created his first clothing brand STREET WEAR MALE called "miniMALINsm. Fashion Wear For different people." In 2009 collaborate with various designers and fashion atelier among which: . ATELIER Stimamiglio. . Nathu Italian Biocouture. . CARLO CONTRADA. In 2011 Michele work by Alberto del Biondi (an innovation and prototyping factory for the global fashion industry located in Padua, Italy) where developed two product collections (bags and small leather goods) for the famous brand TOMMY HILFIGER. ​ 2013 is the year of industrial design, in the wine industry, where creates a collection of luxury bottle holder in acrylic "The Exhibitors Malin. The decor for your wine.", from the futuristic and contemporary design.The need for a solid material, but at the same time ductile and pure, flows in acrylic, which proves to be the ideal material for the collection of bottle holders thanks to its transparency and formal robustness. 2015 saw him engaged with the birth of its brand and innovation in the 3D world, and more specifically in 3D printing. Gets the tools and knowledge suitable and creates the first design / industrial design brand with applications to 3D technology:”Michele Malin Design” studio. In 2016 with the knowledge acquired and the material (acrylic) still a source of inspiration and experiments, born the project "MIRROR LAMP" a visionary lamp that combines art and functionality, through an illusion of light, and a reflecting material. He creates his first capsule collection "MIRROR LAMP Trilogy" where in addition to the applique lamp "MIRROR LAMP", you add a table lamp "MIRROR LAMP TABLE" and a floor lamp "MIRROR LAMP GROUND" with different sizes and weights, but with the same characteristics. Michele presents the collection in absolute preview on September 2016 at the Maison & Objet in Paris, where he gets the deserved success. In 2017, in April, he participate as an exhibitor at SALONE DEL MOBILE in Milan, in the biennial EUROLUCE Section 2017 with the same collection "LAMPS MIRROR" and the latest addition: "IMPRilight"; a wall lamp made in plexiglass, characterized by a game of solids and voids, a series of light beams that propagate in a manner equidistant from their center.


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