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Michelle Jarvis

Michelle Jarvis Designer

Michelle Jarvis

Michelle Jarvis


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Michelle Jarvis

Michelle Jarvis is a true English bohemian, eccentric and cosmopolitan. After graduating from the St. Martins Fashion and Textile School of London, she gained experience in New York, to arrive finally in Milan where she experienced the stimulating avant-garde of the group of designers and architects close to Ettore Sottsass. In Milan, she collaborated with prestigious brands and created her own: Leaf. In the early 1990’s, she began her personal artistic research, experimenting with painting, weaving, embroidery, and printing by manipulating wool, felt, and silk; creating her own aesthetic language of color, delicacy and geometry. She spends her time between Italy, London and Berlin; traveling and hovering between design and poetry. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries in Milan and London.


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