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Natalia Rota Nodari

Natalia Rota Nodari Designer

Natalia Rota Nodari

Natalia Rota Nodari


24030 Brembate di Sopra (BG) +39035620887

Profilo di Natalia Rota Nodari

From their point of view designing a urban plan, a building or a lamp makes no difference. They handle with all planning fields, from town planning to architecture, to environmental planning, to design and graphic design always trying to deeply study all details of every step: production, marketing, communication and company’s strategy. Precision and planning rigour are the goals they aspire to, striving to ‘remove’, ‘simplify’, ‘optimize’ and at the same time ’personalize’ what they create. The creative process is a continuous dialogue which is fundamental in order to talk out the criticalities of a project. Beyond the four hands and the two brains, it is always stimulating to find out an agreement between a male and female point of view. Their first design experience took place in 1999, when they created the YDF brand and collection, winning the first prize of the contest Young & Design. They also plot for Lema, Rexite, BPA, Luxit, I TRE, Pedrali, Outlook, Diemmebi, Treca Interior, Casa Blitz, Progetti. They are art directors of YDF, Outlook Design Italia, Diemmebi Urbantime and Blitz Bovisa. They have designed the Boox system for Rexite winning the Good Design Award of the Chicago Athenaeum.


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