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Nathalie Santin

Nathalie Santin Designer

Nathalie Santin

Nathalie Santin


Venezia (VE)

Profilo di Nathalie Santin

After graduating in modern literature at Ca'Foscari University, she became a journalist and a university lecturer in literatureand history. She attended IUAV (University Institute of Architecture of Venice),taking the first exam with Massimo Cacciari. Over the last ten years, she hasbeen mainly involved in industrial communication, working in printing and PR. Shehas published books on 18th century theatre. Santin has a passion for drawing, and collaboratingwith Midj she has found the right way to combine creativity with technicalsolutions. She agrees with Feodor Dostoevskij’s idea that beauty is the keystoneto happiness, and with John Keat’s concept that a beautiful thing is "forever".


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