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BOCCI introduces the 25 bench

Young Canadian Design House Expands Its Collection With New Seating

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29/04/09 - Bocci, a young contemporary design and manufacturing house based in Vancouver, Canada has thus far been known for chandelier installations and custom fabrications of extremely large proportions. In a departure from the chandelier format, Bocci introduces the 25.26, an upholstered bench designed by Omer Arbel as a result of his exploration of folding and pleating technique.

Arbel's chairs, starting with the 2.4 cast resin lounge in 2003 and the 8.0 concrete chair in 2005, have been critically acknowledged as intense and exploratory investigations into material quality and fabrication technique. These conceptually driven pieces, which were developed in limited runs and have garnished significant acclaim in the international design community, have become collectors items.

Arbel's sensitivity to material and process based investigations, and his obsession with the chair as a potentially polemical project, are evident in a mature form in the 25, which is his first chair to go into production.
Conventional upholstery is based on a simple principle: foam is encased in fabric to provide comfort.

The 25 bench eliminates foam from the equation and compensates by providing a vast excess of fabric, which is allowed to fold and pleat haphazardly to create a comfortable seat and back. Over time, the randomly folded pleats will shift as they conform to the human body to create interesting organic patterns.

The 25 bench by Omer Arbel for Bocci is ideal for a wide spectrum of environments including restaurants and cafes, boutiques and art galleries as well as private residences.

1706 W 1st Ave
Vancouver Canada

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