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Batou CS received The Red Dot Best of the Best 2010

A decoration fabric by Nya Nordiska

Commenti 1803
22/07/10 - Fabrics have the power to inspire their users, firing up their imagination. As a kind of boundary to the outer world they can create mysterious spaces. A world that is hidden, as is denoted in the French word for venetian blind: “jalousie”, a word which also connotes “jealousy”, because originally it referred to the protective screens used in Oriental harems.
The Batou CS decoration fabric skilfully reflects and picks up on fascination for the hidden, revealing only part of what it covers and hides: when the sun shines through this light transparent weave with its clear graphic pattern, it creates the effect as if one was looking through a venetian blind. This effect is based on a sophisticated and well thought-out design. The pattern of this decoration fabric is created by a soft bulk thread in the weft and, held in place by the slightly “raised” warp threads on one side, drawn together elegantly like a slightly embossed loose network over the hidden yet delicately transparent base. Draped within a room this decoration fabric has a strong three-dimensional effect and, depending on the light source, with changing depths of light and shadow. These features and the fact that it can be railroaded allow the Batou CS decoration fabric to be used in many different interior and arrangement settings. With its elementary aesthetics and architectural quality it reflects the need of our time for clearness and transparency – while its delicate design creates a new dimension of the hidden.
This decoration fabric demands attention! Arrakis is a transparent weave with a spacious graphic pattern in "Scherli" technique.
The circles (diameter ca. 20 cm) are effectively worked out with glazed yarns and Lurex.
Four different colours give the vanguard design a different look-and-feel in each case.
Batou CS
A light transparent weave with a plain graphic pattern and a wonderful Venetian blind effect.
The pattern is created by a soft bulk thread in the weft which draws like a loose network over the delicate base.
Batou CS can be processed railroaded - and is suitable for contract use!

Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH
An den Ratswiesen 4
29451 Dannenberg | Germany
Tel +49 5861 809479
Fax +49 5861 809130

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