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Walter Knoll ai Saloni 2011

Walter Knoll ai Saloni 2011

In anteprima le novità che saranno presentate a Milano

08/03/2011 – Walter Knoll partecipa all’edizione 2011 del Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.
Raccontiamo in anteprima alcune delle novità che saranno ufficialmente presentate in fiera: il nuovo sgabello della collezione Cuoio, la rinnovata collezione vintage di poltrona e divano firmati da Norman Foster, il moderno divano Jaan Living disegnato da EOOS, la scultorea benché minimalista seduta Lox by PearsonLloyd, ed i tavoli Mason e Oota disegnati rispettivamente da Wolfgang C. R. Mezger ed EOOS. 
Cuoio barstool

Design: EOOS
A new style Cuoio. The Cuoio barstool is the logical continuation of the Cuoio range. Understated in shape and materials: steel provides stability, leather provides seating comfort. Minimalist design for relaxed sitting at a bar. Either with or without armrests.
Foster 502

Design: Norman Foster
The familiarity of a good vintage, the demureness of a gentleman. The Foster 502 armchair and sofa extend the successful range by the renowned architect. Sensitive proportions, top-notch leather and honest craftsmanship: things that remain grand and become more and more attractive the older they get. The elaborately finished decorative seam is classy. Yet another masterpiece by Norman Foster - with British charm and understatement.
Jaan Living

Design: EOOS
Cosmopolitan elegance for modern lifestyle. This sofa is a dream come true thanks to its softness that you could literally sink into forever and ever. The spacious leather surfaces of both sofa and récamière seem to float over the understated framework in a balanced harmony of lightness and weight. Chic and inviting at the same time: the casual look of the leather complemented by the light down filling of the upholstery.
Boards in glass, or alternatively in painted or veneered wood, are ultra-convenient for short spells of daydreaming or extensive reading sessions as the perfect place to deposit the Sunday paper, a glass of wine or your iPad. You could of course use them to display lamps, vases and cushions. What is in fact the back, is effectively the front. Nothing could be more casual.

Design: PearsonLloyd
The next generation. The new bucket seat Lox reflects the spirit of the times. The clear silhouette with its flowing lines is pleasantly inviting: sculptural in shape, minimalist in materials, comfortable for the owner. On the outside, the sweeping bucket supports your back; inside, the seat and back padding ensure comfort. The backrest gives slightly for even more comfort. An elegant all-rounder - for lounging and dining, conferencing and contract. Whether on a four-star base or a tubular steel base, Lox swivels slightly. Welcome to the future.

Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger
Mason stands out from the crowd with its harmonious proportions and clear shape. The geometric base carries the slimline table top. Expanse and contours, materials and details create an impressive combination. The table is truly majestic in the precision of its shape: the base in black chrome traces soft radii and fine reflections. The solid wood table top is authentic, original and natural. The combination of natural features and striking grains creates a unique picture. The range is supplemented with versions with a veneer table top and highly polished chrome-plated framework.
Oota Table

Design: EOOS
The Oota Table wants to be seen. A very special companion, as splendid and elegant as a jewel. The delicate trellis work supports the round glass top that subtly and atmospherically reflects the light. The Oota Table is perfect as a coffee table, but also as an occasional table. Available in three different sizes with a black-coated or stainless steel polished framework.
Walter Knoll sarà presente al Salone del Mobile 2011 nel PAD 7, Stand A27/A 31.
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