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Nicoletta Ceccoli

Nicoletta Ceccoli Artista/Artigiano

Nicoletta Ceccoli

Nicoletta Ceccoli


Via 28 Luglio 184 - 47893 Borgo Maggiore

Profilo di Nicoletta Ceccoli

Ceccoli’s works are all images extracted from her vivid imagination, and are deliberately titled with names that satisfy the artwork’s multiple layers. Nicoletta’s paintings strike a delicate balance between haunting and uplifting. Every hazy image is a frozen story that sparks the viewer’s imagination and inspires a deeper level of consideration. Her artwork is visual poetry and layered metaphor. Upon first glance, her beautiful canvases masquerade as youthful and innocent. But when inspected in greater detail, as each work warrants, Nicoletta’s masterful and delightful creations reveal a wealth of intricate and thought-provoking details.


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