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Nicolò Maria Bressan

Nicolò Maria Bressan Architetto

Nicolò Maria Bressan

Nicolò Maria Bressan


35124 Padua (PD)

Profilo di Nicolò Maria Bressan

Born in Vicenza (IT) in 1988. In 2007 he attended IUAV university of Venice, where he earns a Bachelor Degree in Science of Architecture. After that he earns a Master Degree in Architecture for Sustainability and Landscape. During his course of study at IUAV university of Venice he attended many design workshops held by international visiting professors such as arch.Emanuel Gausa (WAVE 2008 ), arch.Diébédo Francis Kéré (WAVE 2009) and arch.Marcos Acayaba (WAVE 2010) In August 2012 he moved to USA in order to attend Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago, where he follows the sustainable design courses by Prof.Dr.Dr.E.h. Werner Sobek and Prof.Dr.Dr. Peter Land, focusing on sustainable tall buildings design. In March 2013 he moved back to Europe,transferring in Germany to attend the Summer Semester of Master in Architecture at Bauhaus-Universität of Weimar working on further sustainable topics with Prof. Dipl.-Ing. José Mario Gutierrez Marquez of BFM-Architekten Studio (Berlin). Team member of Studio Thesia Progetti, he focus his attention not only on architectural projects but also on industrial design, bringing his expertise in the design field.

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