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Olivier Toulouse is always in search of the perfect harmony between aesthetics, functionality and economy. It'scombining simplicity and efficiency that the designer Olivier Toulouse wants to offer everyone a product that leaves no-one indifferent. It is a subtle work that sometimes knows how to be appreciated without being decrypted. Olivier Toulouse is a Designer freelance (O TOULOUSE Design). He worked for furniture : coffee table, dinning table, tv bench, sideboard, cupboard, bookcase, bedroom, desk (for ACTONA, DIAM, INTER LINK, TEMAHOME, ENKIDU, AG-PRODUCTS, KENNETH CUBONPUE, FLY, ATLAS, BUT, CONFORAMA, MOBILIER DE FRANCE, CHATEAU D'AX, …), for lamp (FLAM & LUCE, NOVA, SCE ORIZONA,...), wooden toys (TROUSSELIER, ULYSSE, RAVENSBURGER, OXYBUL,...), perfume bottle (JACQUES BOGART, PARIS BLEU,...), packaging (products, cosmetic, toys)... He 's also an interior design(restaurant, bar: LA CENDREE in Toulouse )and a teacher at the Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail (France)

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