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Oscar Tusquets Blanca

Oscar Tusquets Blanca Architetto

Oscar Tusquets Blanca

Oscar Tusquets Blanca


08034 Barcelona (B ) +34932520488

Profilo di Oscar Tusquets Blanca

Architect by profession, designer by adaptation, painter by vocation and writer out of the need to make friends, Oscar Tusquets Blanca is the prototype of the all-round artist that the specialisation of the modern world has brought to the verge of extinction. Born in Barcelona in 1941, he graduated as an architect in 1965 from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona. Founding member of the disappeared Studio Per, he worked with Lluís Clotet until 1984 on the great majority of his projects, which include the Casa Fullà, the Casa Regás and its belvedere, a house in Pantelleria and the restaurant La Balsa. In 1975 executes, with his Master and friend Salvador Dalí, the Mae West Room in the Figuera’s Teatro-Museo. After working for several years with the architect Carlos Díaz, in 1987 they formed a partnership to develop their projects in the fields of urban planning, architecture, interior design and architectural design, both in Spain and France, and also in Holland, Germany and Japan.


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