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Ottavio Cialone

Ottavio Cialone Architetto

Ottavio Cialone

Ottavio Cialone


00176 roma (RM) +390690289854

Profilo di Ottavio Cialone

He received a degree from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of RomaTre, Rome, in 2007 after having attended a semester abroad in USA thanks to an academic award received. He has covered the role of designer in different Architecture offices in Rome; currently carries on his business in the centre of Italy. His main research interests involve: low-energy demand housing typologies and new fabrication systems (X-Lam, self-supporting multilayer wooden panels ). During the course of his professional formation he concentrated particularly on the themes of architectural design and its economic feasibility; he worked in various offices to assess the project feasibility for building refunctionalization in terms of Urban Transformation Plans. He was one of the founders of the 27offarchitects ( room and in charge of the organization of the PechaKucha night Rome in collaboration with Francesco Lipari, with whom he organized a series of cultural events in Rome dedicated to architecture (LAKIOT:LoveAndKillYourOwnTown). His attitude to multidisciplinarity leads him to extend his working activities to graphic design, print, illustration, industrial design, through which he customises his architectonical projects at all ‘scales’.

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