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Paola Pinnavaia

Paola Pinnavaia


Viale della Piramide Cestia, 1 - 00153 Roma (RM) +39065036266

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Paola Pinnavaia is the founder of Ondesign. After attending ISIA, Industrial Art Institute in Rome, she won a prestigious award in 1989 at the European Design Competitions organised by General Electric Plastics, which focused on the theme "Health in the Home" by designing an in-home device able to detect each family well-being and state of health. Since 1990 she has worked as Industrial designer for Texas Instruments at the company branches of Nice, Tokyo, Dallas thus enriching her knowledge in marketing, communications, project engineering, and experimenting new methods linked to team work. In 1992, she was assigned to represent the Centre of Industrial Design for Texas Instruments in Italy in the R&D department where she contributed to the worldwide strategy of consumer products by providing the popular trends and specific demands of the European consumer. In 1994 she launched ONdesign; her entrepreneurial idea was born from the conviction that the design of a product was an instrument which made possible to the obtainment of a competitive advantage over other products. She new that this could be archived in a studio specialised in planning and designing at the service of all innovative companies by offering them creativity and methodological experience, thus improving the design, the very image and prestige of the companies themselves.


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