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PAOLA ROSSI Architetto




Via P. Cartoni - 00152 Roma (RM) +39(0)658205896

Profilo di PAOLA ROSSI

Paola Rossi born in Buenos Aires, graduated in architecture in Rome. Constantly involved in the field of training and the cultural and social role of architecture and the architect, she has taught and carried out research in the subjects of urban geography and analysis of urban systems at the Faculty of Architecture, Rome1, contributing to the formulation of theories on the Analysis and Restoration of the Landscape. She has been Professor for Polis University in Tirana - Albania, Councillor of the Architectural Association of Rome, advisor to C.N.A.P.P.C., Director of AR magazine, creator and coordinator of the Area Concorsi of the OAR, she has coordinated numerous competitions and served as a member of national and international juries. She has partecipated ever since its beginnings in the mid-1980s in the collective research “The courage of images”, a culturally unique research based on the theory and crations of Massimo Fagioli, in the ambit of wich she hasa designed numerous projects, for the most part realised. Among such projects is the Palazzetto Bianco, in 2005 received the Monitor/P Award from the specialised press. Projects performed include: restoration of the Lucano Bridge in Tivoli, the Renault dealership, the Palazzetto Bianco facility and the Urban Renewal Plan for the Magliana neighbourhood in the City of Rome. From the "Italian Biographical Dictionary":“… Her architecture, featured in numerous exhibitions, is enlivened by a vigorous arrangement of volumes, leading to an extremely supple fervour sense with dynamic vectors and finely calculated reactions to the context, viewed as a force field of conflict and metamorphosis”. “La Città Nuova. Italia-y-26. Invito a VEMA” – Biennale di Venezia 2006; by F. Purini


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