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Paolo Favaretto

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Paolo Favaretto

Paolo Favaretto


Via A. Riello 5/A - 35122 Padova (PD) +390498762876

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Paolo Favaretto was born in Padua in 1950. In 1973 after graduating in Architecture from the University of Venice he set up the design practice now known as Favaretto&Partners. He has acquired substantial international experience in industrial design and consultancy, collaborating with leading firms worldwide, earning important awards and acknowledgements. He is a past president of ADI North East delegation (Association for Industrial Design), he founded and chaired the I.I.D.D. (Italian Institute for Design and Disability - now know as DFA Design for All) and currently represents the ADI at BEDA (The Bureau of European Design Associations). He was also a board member of the scientific committee of the European IDIA project (Inclusive Design and Intelligent Technology for Accessible Workplaces) Paolo Favaretto regularly holds conferences and lectures in various international design institutes including: the “Industrial Design” course at the Milan Polytechnic and IUAV University in Venice, the Italian School of Design in Padua, the National College of Art & Design in Dublin and the University Consortium for Corporate Organisation Studies in Vicenza. His work has appeared in many leading Italian and foreign design books, trade publications, and websites. In early 2007 a monograph “Paolo Favoretto, industrial designer” outlining his work was published by Il Poligrafo.


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