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Paolo Ponti

Paolo Ponti Architetto

Paolo Ponti

Paolo Ponti


Via Carlo Cocastelli, 13 - 46199 Mantova (MN)

Profilo di Paolo Ponti

Paolo was born and lived in Mantua, where he studied at the highest level the Leon Battista Alberti architectures and his numerical method of design with Joseph Rykwert and Livio Volpi Ghirardini. Son and grandson of a family of carpenters, he completed his studies at University of Florence with Giancarlo Leoncilli Massi and graduated cum laude with Professor Adolfo Natalini, a master of the Italian architecture of the sixties. After graduation, Paolo deliberately chose to return to Mantua: combining his architectural culture with the craftsmanship skills, Paolo re-launched the family’s old carpentry workshop and brought to new life the know-how grown and deepened for three generations.

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