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Paolo Salvadè

Paolo Salvadè Designer

Paolo Salvadè

Paolo Salvadè


Cantù (CO)

Profilo di Paolo Salvadè

Paolo Salvadè was born in Cantù (CO) in1960 where he currently lives and works, within an area of old wood-work tradition. His main activity is in the field of industrial design. He completes his almost 20 years of professional experience in the Studio of an important designer, also working with some major furnishing companies. In 1997 he opens his own studio of industrial design. Besides of FEG, he currently co-operates with very important companies of the sector, signing very successful projects. The passion for modelling applied to the industrial design, gives life to projects such as Zelig, Bloom, Discovery, Link, Code, which are only some of the most important ones. His projectual philosophy is to generate products that have a strong personality, especially in a period in which the end user pays more and more attention to his own choices. This is the reason why the companies must design products which are rigorous, concrete and simple in the use and design.


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