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Piero De Longhi

Piero De Longhi Designer

Piero De Longhi

Piero De Longhi


36010 Camporovere (VI)

Profilo di Piero De Longhi

Piero De Longhi has worked with many of the leading Italian and International design brands including the famous furniture and lighting manufacturer, Cattelan Italia. Piero De Longhi began his career as a graphic designer in the advertising sector. He is passionate about improving existing methods and developing new ideas in style, trend, fashion and taste. He believes people need beautiful things to help make their lives that little bit better - and he strives to create those beautiful things. Piero De Longhi says he "seeks a design adventure in a near future". Piero De Longhi is a master craftsman producing exquisite and graceful designs of contemporary italian leather dining chairs. He has designed contemporary dining room chairs that include dining room chairs for Cattelan Italia.


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