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PierPaolo Sigismondi

PierPaolo Sigismondi Architetto

PierPaolo Sigismondi

PierPaolo Sigismondi


00100 Rome (RM)

Profilo di PierPaolo Sigismondi

The architectural firm Sigismondi was created in the early 60s by the architects Gianfranco Sigismondi, Alessandra Sonnino Sigismondi and Renato Sonnino, an engineer. The firm currently operates in the field of : urban planning, area implementation plans, final design, executive design construction design, construction management, town planning legislation consultancy, houses, hotels, schools and offices, restoration, urban and interior design. The firm is currently coordinated by Pier Paolo Sigismondi who has also worked as an advisor for regulations abroad and Italy that have enabled him to specialize in construction coordination and management of private development works. The activity is performed with the constant support of two architects, Pier Angela Sigismondi and Gianfranco Sigismondi, a top-level professional with extensive experience following namely three consecutive mandates as the president of the Rome Architects Order, from November 1985 to May 1992, and eighteen years in senior positions in the administration of the Rome Municipality. The executive branch is directly coordinated by Pier Paolo Sigismondi, (executive design, construction accounting and management) and Pier Angela Sigismondi for the design sector (urban planning, preliminary and final project for authorizations), in close relationship with a group of well-established internal staff ( In order to optimize the resources and the quality of services the firm resorts to established partners and consultants to design structures, plumbing, electric and computer graphics processing .

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